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Attendee Safety

The safety, security, and health of March Meeting 2023 attendees is of the utmost importance to APS.

APS is working to ensure that the in-person March Meeting is a safe and enjoyable experience for attendees in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Please review the information provided on measures APS is taking to ensure attendee safety and security.

All-Gender Bathroom

All-gender and family restrooms are located throughout the convention center.

Badge Monitoring

All attendees must register for the meeting and wear their registration badge at all times beginning Sunday morning. Security personnel or staff may check badges before permitting admission to sessions or the Exhibit Hall. If your badge has been lost, you may receive one replacement badge free of charge at the registration desk. Additional replacements will cost $10 each.

COVID-19 and Related Health and Safety Guidelines

All attendees, exhibitors, and staff must follow the most current guidelines in order to enter any APS scientific meeting.

First Aid

A first aid station located outside Room 209 will be available at the convention center. In case of an emergency, please dial 911 and contact an APS employee immediately.

Lost & Found

Lost items may be turned in to and claimed at the APS Registration Desk.

Parents’ & Children’s Quiet Room

The Committee Boardroom is a designated room for quiet time and relaxation that is available to parents with young children. It is not a playroom. The room is fitted with comfortable furniture and water.

Quiet Room

The Accord Boardroom will be set aside as a quiet, private space for attendees to spend time in contemplation or prayer or those that may need a space to get away from the bustle of the meeting.

Staying Safe in Las Vegas

As long as you are mindful of your surroundings and alert, Las Vegas, Nevada, should be a safe and enjoyable city for you to explore during the meeting. APS also shares the following advice for staying safe in Las Vegas from Caesars Forum and Harrah's Hotel:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and stay vigilant, including not getting distracted by your phone; though there will be security at the convention center and hotels
  • Immediately report theft or abusive behavior to APS staff or hotel security, and note the time and location where it occurred
  • Remove your badge when leaving conference areas
  • For international travelers, save a copy of your passport to a cloud platform rather than on your computer or phone and also have a physical copy separate from your passport
  • Have a phone number to contact your credit card company in case you need to report it stolen or freeze your account
  • Memorize or keep a copy of your emergency contact numbers, and students and advisors should keep copies of each others' numbers
  • Keep an eye out for pickpockets, people attempting to solicit money, and people trying to sell tickets for shows often known as "scalpers"
  • Avoid the characters and fake show girls on the Boulevard that ask for money for a picture.
  • If you are walking along the Boulevard or Strip, do not engage with anyone on the Boulevard and just keep walking. This isn’t rude behavior, it will keep you from becoming a target. when leaving the conference areas.

US News and World Report also has a series of travel tips for navigating Las Vegas, including safety advice for avoiding unwanted attention as a visitor. You can also watch a video on Las Vegas safety tips and learn how to avoid scams and tourist traps.

More Information

Code of Conduct

APS's Code of Conduct intends to make the March Meeting a professional and welcoming space for all attendees.

Read the Code of Conduct

ADA Policy

To uphold its values of inclusivity and diversity, APS wishes to ensure that March Meeting 2023 is accessible.

Review the ADA Policy

Local Information

Find out more about staying safe in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as explore area attractions and dining options.

Explore Las Vegas