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Session Chair Responsibilities

In-person and virtual session chairs play an important role by providing presenter introductions, keeping time, and moderating audience questions. APS is grateful to the volunteers who assist in facilitating these sessions.

If you are unable to moderate your assigned session, please contact APS Abstract Help immediately so that a replacement chair can be provided. If you would like to suggest a replacement chair, please provide the chair’s name, affiliation, and email.

All chairs are encouraged to create a profile in the Speaker Console of the mobile app and virtual platform. This will assist in creating engagement among all attendees.

Responsibilities and Instructions

  • Check the Sessions or mobile app prior to your session to see if there are any changes.
  • Start the session on time.
  • Please adhere to the time listed in the schedule so that simultaneous sessions are as closely synchronized as possible. Many attendees move from session to session in order to hear specific papers.
  • Briefly introduce yourself and the session.
  • To foster an inclusive environment, remind all presenters and attendees to adhere to the APS Code of Conduct. To report Code of Conduct violations, visit EthicsPoint or call (844) 660-3924. You can also reach out to the APS Information Desk in Las Vegas or the virtual help desk in the platform, and a member of the APS management team will be contacted to assist you.
  • Explain the session timing to the audience prior to the start of the session.
    Introduce each presenter and start the timer.

Talk Times


  • Twelve minutes total: 10 minutes presentation and two minutes of Q&A.
  • Alert the speaker at the eight minute mark.


  • Thirty-six minutes total: 30 minutes presentation and six minutes of Q&A.
  • Alert the speaker at the 25 minute mark.

In-Person & Virtual Session Chair Responsibilities

Please review the information specific to in-person and virtual session chairs.

In-Person Session Chair Responsiblities

Find details about preparing to chair in-person sessions.

Virtual Session Chair Responsiblities

Find details about preparing to chair virtual sessions.

More Information

Attendees & Presenters

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APS is grateful to our attendees and presenters for joining us at March Meeting 2023.


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