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Virtual Presentation Instructions

Prepare for a successful virtual March Meeting presentation.

Session Presentations (Invited, Focus, Oral)

The March Meeting Speaker Console is where you create your speaker profile and where you will get your Zoom link to present on the day of your talk.

Please confirm the date and time of your presentation in Sessions or the mobile app.

When you receive the link, log in to make sure you can access the system. Please complete this important step.

  • Your abstract and registration emails must match.

A minimum of three business days before your presentation, you log in and test your technology. There will be an option for a virtual presentation room that you can access in the Speaker Console.

On the day of your presentation, please log in to the Speaker Console a minimum of 30 minutes before your talk. A technician will make sure your video, microphone, and slides are functioning properly during this time. Questions will be submitted from the virtual audience via chat and read to you by the session chair.

You can upload handouts to your presentation as well. All handouts must be uploaded by March 17, 2023.

Poster/ePoster Presentations

The March Meeting Speaker Console is where you can create your profile and upload a one-page PDF of your poster and a five-minute MP4 video explaining your research. To upload your poster and video:

  • Click "My Sessions" and select your poster.
  • To upload your poster click "Documents" to upload and name your one page PDF poster. (Posters must be a PDF file)
  • If you would like to upload a video, this can be done under "Details" and upload a MP4 video. You can also record directly to the platform as well.

The deadline to upload your poster and MP4 is March 17, 2023.

Poster Discussion Slams provide presenters an opportunity to share their research with peers in an interactive way. The discussions will be moderated by a chair and each presenter will be given five minutes to share their research and two minutes for Q&A. To participate in the Poster Discussion Slam:

  • To present, click "Networking and Poster Discussion Slams" from the lobby of the virtual platform.
  • Search for your name and click on the appropriate session.
  • Click on "Join Virtual Networking Session."
  • Then click on "Your Group Discussion." This will launch a Zoom room for your presentation.

To help access your poster discussion, please watch this quick video for a short tutorial.

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