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The Physics of Biological Movement Across Scales
How biological systems move by utiliziing physical interactions with the environments that surround them is emerging as an important area study across diverse systems and environmental domains that span a wide range of length scales. In the microscopic realm, physical forces and changes in the mechanical properties of cells and tissues and their substrates contribute to and can be crucial for development, cell differentiation, migration, physiology, and disease. In the mesoscopic and macroscopic realms, creating and coordinating sequences of self-deformation and multi-organism interaction patterns that generate individual and global movements can be essential for the survival and proliferation of a diversity of organisms and their colonies. Though these different regimes may seem unrelated, this tutorial will highlight similarities that exist across diverse systems. Each instructor will focus on specific systems relevant to their own research. Experimental, theoretical, computational, and robotic modeling tools and techniques will be discussed, both in the context of the specific systems in which they are currently used and in terms of potential generality and broader applicability. Common threads across systems and important differences and limitations of various approaches will be highlighted across different systems and length scales, and discussions will include the latest developments and critical open questions in the field.

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