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DSOFT Short Course on Computing Soft Matter Across Scales

Room 130, Caesars Forum

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  • Grad Student: $100
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Additional Details

  • Attendees may register for this event only or may register to attend in addition to their March Meeting 2023 registration.
  • This event is sponsored by Soft Matter (DSOFT).


Computational methods are essential for soft matter, spanning from microscale to continuum simulations. In this day-long course, participants will learn about several key tools and how to use them, including molecular dynamics, finite elements, and shape optimization techniques.


  • Choosing the right computational method: Thomas O’Connor, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Shape optimization and Morpho: Tim Atherton, Tufts University
  • Molecular dynamics: Antonia Statt, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • PDEs and FEniCS: Andrej Košmrlj, Princeton University
  • Linking computation to experiments: Arthi Jayaraman, University of Delaware
  • HOOMD Blue and GPU-accelerated molecular dynamics: Joshua Anderson, University of Michigan
  • Free energy relaxation and active Brownian dynamics: Daniel Beller, Johns Hopkins University

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who studies liquids, colloids, polymers, biomaterials, granular materials, liquid crystals, and all topics of soft matter physics should attend. This short course is built for students and postdocs who want to form a solid foundation for their computational research. It should also be strongly considered by experimentalists and theorists up to the faculty level who want to understand the common computational methods that their collaborators use.

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