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Physics of Cellular Materials–From Synthetic Foams to Biological Cellular Systems

Cellular materials are two-phase systems where a gas or liquid “dispersed phase” is confined within a distinct fluid, elastic, or glassy “continuous phase”. In particular, a gas dispersed within a liquid or solid is known as a “foam”. Cellular materials are ubiquitous in biology (bones, wood, biological tissues, etc.) and among synthetic materials (metal and polymer foams, shampoos, detergents, and other personal care products). Understanding the physics of these complex materials requires study on many levels, from molecular to cell-level hydrodynamics (drainage, cell growth and coarsening) to large-scale mechanics. This short course will be an introduction to the physics of cellular materials in industry and biology. The fundamentals of foam structure and dynamics will be discussed first. This will be followed by in-depth tutorials on two major industrial applications – thermal insulation for buildings (rigid polyurethane foams) and materials for furnishings (flexible polyurethane foams). The last part of the short course will be devoted to examples of cellular materials in biology and the applications of physics methods in modeling and characterizing them.

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