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Longitudinal Data Tensor-Linear Modeling and Space-kime Analytics
In many scientific domains, there is a rapid increase of the volume, sampling rate, and heterogeneity of the acquired information. This amplifies the role of higher order tensors for modeling, processing, analysis and data-driven inference. The blend of repeated experiments and time dynamics of some data elements necessitates the development of novel data science methods, powerful machine learning techniques, and automated artificial intelligence tools. This short course will present the current state-of-the-art approaches for tensor-based linear modeling and space-kime analytics. We will present a generalized framework for modeling and prediction of scalar, matrix, or tensor outcomes from observed tensor inputs. In addition, we will demonstrate the complex-time (kime) representation of longitudinal data, where the temporal event order is generalized to the (unordered) complex plane. This generalization transformed classical time-series to 2D kime-surface. Various biomedical and health applications will be showcased.

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