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Industry Days

Industry Days

Viewing the Future with Physics

Monday, March 15 - Thursday, March 18, 2021

About Industry Days

If you are intrigued by industrial and applied physics, join us for Industry Days at the APS March Meeting.

This year’s Industry Days theme is “Viewing the Future with Physics," and features many speakers who will share their experiences as postdocs working in large research facilities, and showcase their diverse activities as physicists.

Come explore new methods for infrared sensing and imaging and its implications in industry and consumer applications, gather information about the world through data science, frontiers in energy, and gain a deeper understanding of COVID-19 through physics.

Speakers from a wide range of technical fields will share their experiences, including how training in physics prepared them for the jobs they have now. Meet new colleagues and expand your view of the exciting work undertaken by physicists in many different industrial fields.

Be sure to tune in to Session S58: Viewing the Future, with Electrons to hear from Ondrej Krivanek, recipient of the 2020 Kavli Prize for Nanoscience.

Who Should Attend

Graduate students, early-career scientists, industry professionals, and academics who want to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in industrial and applied physics.

If you wish to attend Industry Days, you must register for the APS March Meeting.

Sponsored by:

  • Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics (FIAP)
  • Forum on Graduate Student Affairs (FGSA)
  • Forum for Early Career Scientists (FECS)
  • Topical Group on Medical Physics (GMED)
  • Division of Quantum Information (DQI)

Stay tuned for the full Industry Days program of events!

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