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New Materials and Physics for Innovations in Telecommunications

Room 321, Caesars

Sponsor: FIAP
Chair: Nathan Orloff, NIST

  • Characterizing interconnects to 325 GHz - Nicholas R Jungwirth,
    National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • mmWave Magnetostatic Devices - Piotr Kulik, Metamagnetics Inc.
  • Frequency Scaling Acoustic Resonators into Millimeter Wave
    Using Thin-Film Lithium Niobate - Ruochen Lu, University of Texas
  • New Surface Chemistry and Adatom Kinetics Results in Novel
    Extreme Bandgap Semiconductor Device Opportunities - Alan
    Doolittle, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Measuring out-of-plane permittivity of dielectric thin films at
    millimeter-wave frequencies - Meagan Papac, NIST