Nobel Session on the Physics of Climate Change and the Physics of Complex Systems

About Nobel Session

Kicking off APS March Meeting, there will be a special public session honoring this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics recipients.

The program will begin with a panel honoring Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann starting with a presentation dealing with their pioneering accomplishments by Raymond Pierrehumbert from Oxford (Physical Complexity in the Climate System). The panel will be followed by a survey of the IPCC consensus accepted by 195 nations, provided by William D. Collins from LBNL and UC Berkeley, who was a leading author for the report. It will conclude with looking to the future, in a presentation by Morgan O’Neill from Stanford (physics of hurricanes and other extreme phenomena). This panel will be moderated by William I. Newman from UCLA (GPC chair, radiative transfer, statistics, complexity). Additionally, the special session will honor the third Nobel laureate, Giorgio Parisi, for his contributions which “revolutionized the theory of disordered materials and random processes,” and will feature a pre-recorded presentation by Giorgio Parisi including a question and answer with Dr. Parisi online and streamed to the session room followed by a panel discussion addressing complexity theory to include Dr. Parisi, Leticia Cugliando and Peter Young and moderated by Daniel L. Stein from NYU.

The Physics of Changing Climate

Sponsor: GPC, Chair: William Newman

Invited Speakers:

  • Raymond Pierrehumbert
  • William Collins
  • Morgan O’Neill

The Physics of Complex Systems

Sponsor: DCMP, Chair, Daniel Stein

Invited Speakers

  • Giorgio Parisi
  • Daniel Stein
  • Leticia Cugliando
  • Peter Young

Who Should Attend

The event is hybrid for registrants and open to the public (online only).