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Student Lunch with the Experts

Advance your studies and career with guidance from physics professionals.

Forum Plaza, Caesars Forum

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Who Should Attend?

  • Students

Students may sign up on-site to enjoy a complimentary box lunch while participating in an informal discussion with an expert on a topic of interest. Sign up begins on Sunday, March 5, at 3:00 p.m. in the Registration Area of Caesars Forum main lobby. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendance is limited to eight students per topic/expert. You must show your ticket and badge at the door and sit at the table number listed on your ticket.

DBIOArup ChakrabortyMITBiophysics of the Immune System
DBIOSujit DattaPrinceton UniversityCollective Behavior and Cellular Motility
DCMPSriram GaneshanThe City College of NYFluid Dynamics Applications in Many Body Quantum Systems
DCMPKai LiuGeorgetown UniversityMagnetism And Spintronics
DCMPDragana PopovicNational High Magnetic Field LaboratoryCuprate High-Temperature Superconductors in High Magnetic Fields
DCMPShirley ChiangUniversity of California DavisEpitaxial Growth of Metals on Semiconductors And Surface Phase Transitions
DCOMPMarivi Fernandez SerraStoneybrook UniversityResearch And Career Opportunities in Machine Learning Applications in Density Functional Theory
DCOMPEva ZurekUniversity of BuffaloMaterial Design Through Crystal Structure Prediction
DCOMPTalat RahmanUniversity of Central FloridaComputational Modeling of Optical and Chemical Properties of Defected 2D Materials for a Sustainable Future
DLSMargaret MurnaneUniversity of Colorado & JILALight Science and Applications
DMPPeter FischerLawrence Berkeley National LabOpportunities And Challenges to Do Materials Science Research at a National Laboratory
DMPAnand BhattacharyaArgonne National LabThin Films and Interfaces of Quantum Materials
DMPPrineha NarayangUCLATheory And Quantum Materials
DMPJudy ChaCornellCareer Paths in Academia Versus Industry
DMPRoss McDonaldLos Alamos National LabNational Laboratories and High Magnetic Field Research
DMPJorge MunozUT El PasoCareer Paths in Computational Materials Physics
DPOLYJian Ping GongHokkaido UniversityPolymer Physics, Gels, Mechanical Properties
DPOLYVivek SharmaUniversity of Illinois-ChicagoPolymer Physics, Food Rheology and Processing
DSOFTPT BrunPrincetonAcademic Soft Matter Research
DSOFTLaura GraySolvay MaterialsIndustrial Soft Matter Research
DSOFTKyle WelchPRLSoft Matter and Scientific Publishing
DQIRobin Blume-KohoutSandia National LaboratoriesCharacterizing And Benchmarking Quantum Computing Devices
DQIDominik ZumbühlUniversity of BaselQuantum Computing
DQIChristina GiarmatziUniversity of Technology SydneyNon-Markovian Noise in Quantum Devices
DQISebastian DeffnerUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore CountyQuantum Thermodynamics—State and Perspectives of the Field
DQIOlivia LanesIBM QuantumQuantum Computing: Applying to Graduate School and Industry Jobs
FIAPKatarina CicakNISTQuantum Computing
FIAPJames AdamsNISTScientific Leadership & Government
FIAPMatthew ThompsonZap Energy IncFusion Development & Industry
FIAPAnne MatsuuraIntel LabsScience & Industry
FIPMarilena Longobardi, Christine DarveBasel University, European Spallation Source, ERICCareers Outside Academia
GDSRama VasudevanOak Ridge National LaboratoryMachine Learning for Physics and Materials Science
GDSJennifer HobbsZurich North AmericaHow To Succeed as A Data Scientist in Industry As A Physicist
GMAGDr. Valeria LauterOak Ridge National LaboratoryCareer And Education Pathways at the DOE National Laboratory System
GMAGXianglin KeMichigan State UniversityJourney To a University Academic or Faculty Position
GMAGBenjamin JungfleischUniversity of DelawareTransitioning From Physics Graduate School to Being a Postdoc
GSCCMNenad VelisavljevicLawrence Livermore National Lab and HPCATHigh Pressure Experiments and X-Ray Diagnostics

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Discover scientific research, opportunities for networking, and awards ceremonies.


Registration for March Meeting 2023 is now open.

In-Person Meeting Experience

The in-person meeting takes place March 5–10, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Travel & Hotels

APS March Meeting 2023 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada