T3 Topological Photonics


Registration Fee per Tutorial:

  • Meeting Attendee (Virtual or In-Person): $140
  • Students: $75
  • Non-meeting Attendee: $150

Who Should Attend?

Graduate students, post-docs, and other scientists interested in learning about the exciting new area of topological photonics. The tutorial talks will be very pedagogical, describing the theoretical foundations, numerical and experimental approaches for creating topological photonic devices, and their non-trivial effects characterization. Latest developments and open questions will also be prominently featured.

Tutorial Description

Topological photonics is a rapidly emerging field of research in which topological robustness is exploited to manipulate the behavior of light. Inspired by the quantum Hall effect and topological insulators in the field of condensed matter physics, recent advances have also shown the possibilities to engineer analogous effects for light, leading to remarkable phenomena. These include the robust unidirectional propagation of light, which holds great promise for photonic applications across a wide range of technological platforms, including photonic crystals, waveguides, metamaterials, cavities, optomechanics, and silicon photonics. Merging the topological phases together with non-Hermitian systems with gain and loss in photonics is another interesting area, without any electronic counterpart. Moreover, topological photonics can be combined with optical interactions and nonlinearities, leading to collective phenomena and novel strongly correlated states of light, such as an analog of the fractional quantum Hall effect.

This tutorial session will provide a thorough introduction to cover the fundamentals of the topological photonic concepts, toy models and experiments, as well as its emerging applications in non-Hermitian, non-linear optics, and quantum photonics.

Covered Topics

  • Fundamentals of topological band theory
  • Differences between photonic and electronic topological insulators
  • Non-Hermitian and nonlinear aspects of topological photonics
  • Topological quantum optics
  • Three-dimensional topological photonic crystals
  • New topological photonic technologies and topological lasers


  • Dr. Tomoki Ozawa, Tohoku University, Japan
  • Dr. Mohammad Hafezi, University of Maryland
  • Dr. Mercedeh Khajavikhan, University of South California
  • Dr. Mikael Rechtsman, Pennsylvania State University


  • Dr. Binbin Weng, University of Oklahoma