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Workshop for the US-Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure

Workshop for the US-Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure

The purpose of this workshop is to foster the development of collaborations between US and Africa scientists and students, which is the primary goal of the Initiative sponsored by the APS Innovation Fund. Bringing together US and Africans at this point in time provides the opportunity to identify people with common interests before the main workshop in June 2021.

Our planned program features:
- Speakers who will give examples of work that could lead to collaborations
- A poster session that provides the opportunity for many more to participate, and discussion times to allow more interactions. The hour-long poster session is meant for both African and US-based researchers to share their work and/or seed collaborations. We particularly encourage participants to highlight areas of potential collaboration even if it is not directly related to the topic of their poster. Each participant in the poster session should prepare a PDF or PowerPoint slide that can be shared via screenshare on Zoom. The title of the poster with full author list and affiliations should be sent to by March 1, 2021 to be included in the poster session.

Confirmed Invited Speakers
George Amolo, The Technical University of Kenya
Garu Gebreyesus, University of Ghana
Kristin Persson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Andre Schleife, University of Illinois

USAfrI Speakers
Omololu Akin-Ojo, East African Institute for Fundamental Research
Sinead Griffin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Richard Martin, University of Illinois and Stanford University
Renata Wentzcovitch, Columbia University

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