American Magnetics, Inc.

American Magnetics, Inc. (AMI), has been a manufacturer of superconducting magnet systems and cryogenic equipment for 50 years. Founded in 1968, AMI supplies turnkey cryogen-free and liquid helium-based superconducting magnet systems, with custom solutions ranging from completely conduction cooled multi-axis systems combined with an integrated variable temperature insert to large-room temperature bore zero boiloff helium recondensing systems (Recon ™). When AMI’s innovative superconducting magnets, such as the multi-axis (MAxes™) series, are coupled with cutting-edge cryostats, the customer is buying a winning combination. Topping off AMI’s premier superconducting magnet systems is the Model 430 power supply programmer, which yields extreme accuracy, high automation and easy control for customers, all via Ethernet. AMI offers a complete line of capacitance- and resistance-based instrumentation that can be utilized to measure any cryogenic fluid with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. AMI stands behind its products with a warranty offering full system protection for 15 months.

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