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Exhibitor Rules and Regulations

APS asks that exhibitors and sponsors review and agree to the regulations and cancellation policies for March Meeting 2023.

Please download and review the full list of exhibitor rules and regulations before signing and returning to the APS Exhibit and Sponsorship Manager.

Download rules and regulations


To display their products and services at March Meeting 2023, exhibitors must abide by the exhibit hall regulations


In the exhibit hall space, exhibitors may not:

  • Install signs or descriptive placards above the back wall. Instead, all exposed surfaces of displays must be draped or finished, front and rear. Exceptions may be made for exhibitors reserving a booth on the perimeter of the hall
  • Use balloons as part of their displays
  • Include special or unusual exhibit construction or installation, unless it is approved by APS in advance
  • Display using peninsula and/or end-cap booths, unless the exhibitor has prior approval from APS
  • Hang anything from the ceiling
  • Assign, sublet, or share their exhibit space without prior approval from APS. Advertising material or signs of organizations other than registered exhibitors is not permitted
  • Canvass or solicit if they are not registered exhibitors
  • Host prize contests, drawings, or raffles unless they are approved by APS in advance
  • Play music in the exhibit hall, including background music on a computer, video, or audio presentation. The exhibitor is responsible for any fines, court fees, or other costs that may come about if they do not comply with licensing requirements. Noise from the exhibit booth should not disturb adjacent exhibitors and their patrons
  • Use flammable fluids or substances. All display materials must be flame proofed and subject to inspection by the Fire Department
  • Sell merchandize or equipment over the counter, with the exception of book publishers
  • Use the APS logo on displays, signs, giveaways, promotional literature, or other exhibitor materials
  • Serve food at the exhibitor booths, unless approved by APS in advance
  • Fasten signs or display items to walls or electrical fixtures. This prohibition includes using thumb tacks, Scotch tape, nails, screws, bolts, or other tools or materials that could mar the floor or walls
  • Dismantle or pack up exhibit booths before the final closing hour of the exhibit hall.

Display Requirements

When setting up their booths in display, exhibitors should be aware of the following height and other dimension requirements:

  • The side walls of all booths may not extend more than four feet from the back wall. They may equal the height of the back wall to permit side viewing
  • Overall display height is limited to eight feet
  • Equipment or a product integral to the display but not part of the booth may extend above the back wall
  • Island booths may extend as high as twelve feet

Additional Exhibitor Agreements

  • While displaying products and services in the exhibit hall, exhibitors also agree to:
  • Have at lease one representative of the exhibiting company always present at the booth or booths during exhibit hours
  • Keep demonstrations and promotional material distribution within the limits of the exhibitor's booth. Canvassing, selling, or displaying literature outside the booth is not allowed
  • Keep their space neat, clean, and orderly
  • Only display goods manufactured or sold by them in their regular course of business.

Consequences for Failing to Comply with Exhibit Hall Regulations

To ensure that the exhibit hall remains a safe and professional space for all exhibitors and attendees, APS may enforce the following if these regulations are not followed:

  • If an exhibitor does not install their display within the time limit set for opening the APS March Meeting 2023 exhibit hall or fails to comply with any provisions concerning the use of display space, APS may take possession of the space and resell all or part of it.
  • APS or management may restrict, reject, prohibit, or eject an exhibit because of noise, safety hazards, or for other prudent reasons.
  • If an exhibit or exhibitor is ejected for violation of these rules and regulations, they will not receive a return.


  • Cancellations Initiated by Exhibitors: To receive a full refund, exhibitors must cancel before Friday, January 13, 2023. Cancellations from Saturday, January 14-Friday, February 3, 2023, will only be refunded half of the booth rental fee. After February 4, 2023, APS will not refund exhibitors. All refunds will be made after the close of March Meeting 2023.
  • Cancellations Initiated by APS: If APS cancels the meeting at any time, all booth rental feeds, sponsorship fees, and advertising feeds specifically related to March Meeting 2023 will be refunded. If APS cancels the in-person meeting while offering a virtual alternative, exhibitors will be given two options. First, the exhibitor may apply booth rental fees, sponsorship fees, and advertising fees to the virtual meeting. Any difference between sums already paid and the virtual fees will be either refunded or charged prior to the start of the virtual meeting. Second, if the exhibitor does not wish to participate in the virtual meeting, all booth rental fees, sponsorship fees, and advertising fees specifically related to the March Meeting 2023 will be returned to the exhibitor after the close of the meeting.


The exhibitor agrees to make no claims against APS, its employees, AIP Publishing, Caesars Forum Convention Center, or the official contractor, Hargrove, Inc., for loss, theft, damage to goods, or injury to himself, his employees, or APS March Meeting attendees while in the exhibition area, nor any consequential damage to his business for failure to provide space for the exhibit or for the failure to hold the APS March Meeting as scheduled. The exhibitor assumes entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, and save APS, AIP Publishing, the Caesars Forum Convention Center and Hargrove, Inc., from claims, losses, and damages to persons or property, governmental charges for fines and attorney's fees related to the use of the exhibition premises or part thereof. In addition, exhibitor acknowledges that APS, AIP Publishing, Hargrove, Inc., and the Caesars Forum Convention Center do not maintain insurance covering exhibitor's property and that it is the sole responsibility of Exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property insurance covering such losses by exhibitor. The above-cited regulations as well as all conditions stated in the APS March Meeting 2023 Exhibitor Prospectus and exhibit application become a part of the contract between the exhibitor and APS.


For more information about exhibitor opportunities, sponsorship packages, or the exhibitor rules and regulations, please email the APS Exhibit and Sponsorship Manager or call: (310) 922-3902.

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