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APS Honor Recipients

APS Honor Recipients

Nicholas Poniatowski

Nicholas Poniatowski

University of Maryland, College Park

Recipient of the 2020 Leroy Apker Award

For advancing our understanding of the transport properties of electron-doped high-temperature copper oxide superconductors through their synthesis, theoretical modeling and experimentation.

Invited Talk: Session B18.3

About the Recipient

Nick Poniatowski graduated with a BS in physics from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2020. Throughout his time at the University of Maryland, he worked in Prof. Richard Greene's lab studying copper-oxide based high temperature superconductors. The nature of superconductivity in these materials has been a mystery for the past 30 years, despite being the subject of intense study. Nick's research focused on the non-superconducting state of these materials, a fascinating fundamental physics problem in its own right whose solution is believed to be a prerequisite to understanding high temperature superconductivity. This research culminated in multiple publications, presentations at the APS March meeting, and was recognized with several awards including a Barry Goldwater Scholarship in 2019. Nick is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in physics at Harvard University as a National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow.

About the Leroy Apker Award

The Apker Award recognizes outstanding achievements in physics by undergraduate students, and provides encouragement to students who have demonstrated great potential for future scientific accomplishment.

The award was established as a memorial to LeRoy Apker through an endowment donated by Jean Dickey Apker.