A Staged Reading of the Play: Einstein’s Wife

This new play Einstein’s Wife by the playwright scientist-historian David C. Cassidy is based on the true story of the courtship, marriage, and ultimately separation of Albert Einstein and his first wife Mileva Maric. Mileva confronts the challenges of disability and discrimination, love, fate, and marriage to Albert Einstein.

In the late 1800s, Mileva Maric, a young Serbian woman facing the exclusion of women from higher education in much of Europe, travels to Zurich, Switzerland where she meets another first-year physics student, Albert Einstein. Mileva and Albert soon fall in love and eventually marry, a romance and marriage spanning Albert’s ascent to the top of his profession by the eve of World War I. But fate is unkind to Mileva, challenging her love and career and bringing upon the lovers both triumph and tragedy. Based on actual events, letters, and poems. The play Einstein’s Wife was written and developed by David C .Cassidy in collaboration with Break A Leg Productions, NY and its artistic director, Teri Black. The play director is Susan Lyles, Artistic Director and Founder of the And Toto too Theatre Company. Some of the play’s actors as well the playwright will be available for a talkback discussion after the play reading.

Produced by Brian Schwartz, CUNY and Smitha Vishveshwara, University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign. Co-Sponsored by: the Forum on Outreach and Engaging the Public, the Forum on Physics and Society, the Forum on Education, the Topical Group on Physics Education Research, the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics, the Division of Materials Physics, and the Division of Condensed Matter Physics.