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T3. Noisy Quantum Devices

T3. Noisy Quantum Devices

The last few years have seen impressive progress in the construction of multi-qubit quantum devices towards the ultimate goal of a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer. However, until we achieve this final goal, we must learn to take advantage of large, but rather noisy devices. Since there are multiple technologies being explored, such as superconducting circuit, ions and spins, we must also learn how to devise tools that are agnostic to the underlying implementation. In this regime there are two main challenges. One challenge is how to characterize and (hopefully) improve errors due to this noise. The other challenge is how to harness the quantum behavior available despite this noisy environment. There are many proposals and some demonstrations for how to obtain a quantum advantage in such systems. These lectures will give an introduction to the types of noise on these devices, typical characterization methods, and applications.


  • David McKay, IBM


  • Abhinav Kandala, IBM Quantum
  • Robin Blume-Kohout, Sandia National Labs
  • Guido Pagano, Rice University
  • Nathan Wiebe, PNNL, University of Washington