FECS Session

In light of the cancelled March Meeting, we are hosting a FECS virtual session. Please join us if you can, and share this with others! It will be hosted at https://bluejeans.com/466906452.

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020, 3pm-6pm

Session G38: Topics in Diversity, Wellness, and Inclusion for Early-Career Scientists

Organized by Adam Iaizzi, APS FECS Member-at-Large


3:00-3:15pm EST - Virtual room open

3:15-3:51pm EST - Monica J Plisch "APS programs to advance diversity and inclusion in physics"

3:51-4:27pm EST - Maria Lund Dahlberg "Towards Effective, Inclusive Mentorship"

4:27-5:03pm EST - Anne Marie Porter "Challenges Facing Women in Physics"

5:03-5:39pm EST - Andrea Welsh "Mental health challenges for early career physicists"

An effort will be made to record these sessions and post them online for those who cannot make it.