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M74: Spin Qubit Measurement I

Room 403/404

Sponsoring Units: DQIChair: Nathan Holman, HRL Laboratories, LLCSession Type:
  • Focus

Wed. March 8, 10:36 a.m. – 10:48 a.m. PST

Room 403/404

The management and quantification of variability associated with quantum device manufacturing is of primary importance to scale quantum computing systems. High-throughput characterization techniques are hence key to correlate aspects of the manufacturing process and device design with statistical evidence of device behaviour. Here, we demonstrate a fast characterisation methodology for silicon-based quantum dot devices, the physical host of spin qubits. We combine high-bandwidth radiofrequency reflectometry techniques with an integrated analogue cryogenic multiplexer to characterise quantum dots devices implemented on an industry standard silicon-on-insulator process. Our optimized approach allows measuring 1024 devices in less than 15 minutes at milliKelvin temperatures. Additionally, our automated parameter extraction routine allows establishing correlations with specific device geometries. Our methodology provides a rapid characterisation technique to assess quantum device variability as well as optimise manufacturing processes and designs.


Presented By

  • Mark A Johnson (Quantum Motion)


  • Mark A Johnson (Quantum Motion)
  • Domenic Prete (Quantum Motion)
  • Edward J Thomas (University College London, Quantum Motion)
  • Mathieu de Kruijf (University College London, Quantum Motion)
  • David Ibberson (Quantum Motion)
  • Jonathan Warren (Quantum Motion)
  • James Kirkman (Quantum Motion)
  • Grayson M Noah (Quantum Motion)
  • Alberto Gomez Saiz (Quantum Motion)
  • John Morton (University College London, Quantum Motion)
  • Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba (Quantum Motion)