What Will APS Be Doing in 2022?

  • Our signage at meetings will be changed from Foam Core (non-recyclable) to Chloroplast materials (recyclable)
    • $39 > $44.85
    • $52 > $59.80
  • No Styrofoam products will be used
  • Recycling and waste bins will be clearly marked
  • Every attempt will be made to source locally grown menu items
  • Every attempt will be made to encourage fish or chicken for entrée selections. (It takes more than 2400 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat)
  • We will provide water coolers and strongly suggest to our attendees fill with a personal water thermos
  • We are looking into calculating a carbon offset for the event

What Chicago Is Doing

  • Preservation of the lakeshore to ensure clean drinking water
  • Restoration of the Chicago River to create a recreational frontier
  • Retrofit the city (this will create jobs, save Chicagoans money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Bike lanes, hybrid taxis, electric vehicle charging stations, and mass transit are some of the sustainable options
  • Reducing Chicago’s waste (this reduces greenhouse gas emissions and minimizes land filling)
  • Chicago is doing a lot more with Air and Natural resources, smart grid, green buildings, and homes

What McCormick Place Is Doing

  • Has obtained its LEED Certification
  • Provides separate waste containers for paper, bottles and cans, and general waste
  • Utilizes a waste disposal partner
  • Uses no Styrofoam or plastic products for serving food and beverage
  • Uses biodegradable flatware, straws, serving dishes, and cups
  • Purchases 10% of annual electricity from renewable sources
  • Replaced incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lighting
  • Uses Green Seal Cleaning Products