Sustainability at the March Meeting

Working Together to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

A large, international meeting has a large carbon footprint, but APS, the City of Chicago, and McCormick Place are all taking steps to help reduce the environmental impact.

Attendees can help support emission reduction by purchasing individual carbon offsets when they register for the meeting. Terrapass carbon offsets fund projects like reforestation, farm power, and landfill gas capture to remove carbon from the environment. Learn more about Terrapass.

APS’s Efforts at the Meeting

APS has implemented a number of sustainability practices for its meetings, including discontinuing the printing of the Program Guide. This has been replaced with a brochure highlighting essential information and key meeting events that will be available at Registration.

In place of the full printed program guide, the following options are recommended for schedule planning in advance of the meeting:

  • Meetings@APS mobile app - Please be sure to download this in advance of the meeting.
  • APS March Meeting schedule - Create filters to curate a schedule of relevant events. This can easily be done from your browser, and is printer-friendly.

If you are onsite without a device, and need to check on an individual session or event, you can visit the Info Desk located on Level 1 near the Main Entrance.

View the Web Meeting Guide

Chicago’s Environmental Initiatives

APS chose Chicago to host the 2022 March Meeting in part because of the city's commitment to sustainability. From simply reducing waste, to retrofitting the city for energy efficiency, to its rooftop solar program, Chicago is taking bold steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Chicago has also been a leader in environmental restoration and preservation. The city's effort's to preserve Lake Michigan and restore the Chicago River, along with investments in bike lanes, electric vehicle charging stations, and mass transit, help to make the Chicago a healthier environement for residents and visitors alike.

Chicago will be releasing an updated Climate Action Plan later in 2022.

McCormick Place’s Green Actions

McCormick Place is committed to initiatives designed to conserve energy, protect vital resources and promote ecologically-efficient policies and procedures. The venue has obtained LEED Certification for its operations and maintenance (LEED O+M), and has replaced all incandescent lighting with more energy-efficient fluorescents.

In addition to not using styrofoam or plastic for food and beverage service, all flatware, straws, serving dishes, and cups are biodegradable. The venue provides separate containers for paper, bottles and cans, and landfill-bound waste. Green Seal-certified products are used to keep the venue clean.

McCormick Place hosts to the midwest's largest farm-to-fork rooftop garden. The McCormick Place Rooftop Farm is home to 20,000 honeybees, as well as butterfies and worms. The garden produces over 8,000 pounds of fruits, vegetables, and herbs for Chicago restaurants annually.

Learn more about McCormick Place’s commitment to sustainability.