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Safety & Security

APS aspires to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all attendees at March Meeting.

To prioritize attendees' safety at March Meeting, APS implements many security measures, as well as other policies and procedures to ensure attendees' comfort at the meeting.

All-gender bathroom

All-gender and family restrooms are located throughout the convention center.

Badge monitoring

All attendees must register for the meeting and wear their registration badge at all times beginning Sunday morning. Security personnel or staff may check badges before permitting admission to sessions or the Exhibit Hall. If your badge has been lost, you may receive one replacement badge free of charge at the registration desk.

COVID-19 & related health & safety guidelines

All attendees, exhibitors, and staff must follow the most current guidelines to enter any APS scientific meeting.

First aid

A first aid station will be available at the convention center. In case of an emergency, please dial 911 and contact an APS employee immediately.

Lost & found

Lost items may be turned in to and claimed at the APS Registration Desk.

On-Site First Aid Station

Across from Room 102A in the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Parents & children’s quiet room

A designated room for quiet time and relaxation is available to parents with young children. It is not a playroom. The room is fitted with comfortable furniture and water.

Physical Distancing Lanyards

Every attendee has their own level of comfort with physical distancing. Color-coded lanyards at registration will be available to allow you to signal your comfort level.

Quiet room

A designated quiet, private space for attendees who may need to spend time in contemplation or prayer or who may need a space to get away from the bustle of the meeting.

More information

Code of conduct

APS wishes to create a professional and respectful atmosphere at March Meeting 2024 for all attendees.

ADA policy

To uphold its values of inclusivity and diversity, APS wishes to ensure that March Meeting 2024 is accessible for all.

Attendees & presenters

APS looks forward to welcoming our attendees and presenters to March Meeting 2024.