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K44: How FOEP Nicholson and Fellow Awardees Engage in Public Outreach

Auditorium 2

Sponsoring Units: FOEPChair: Taviare Hawkins, Wagner CollegeSession Tags:
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Tue. March 5, 3:00 p.m. – 3:36 p.m. CST

Auditorium 2

The University of Iowa Department of Physics and Astronomy is fortunate to have two FOEP APS Fellows as coordinators of our long running “Hawk-Eyes on Science” and “Hawkeyes in Space” outreach programs. We will outline the many different aspects that must come together in the creation of a successful and sustainable outreach program.  In many respects, the demonstrations and hands-on activities are of secondary importance when weighed against the problems of funding, transportation, staffing, infrastructure, departmental, school, and organization support.  We will focus on those problems and some of the solutions that we have found while coordinating our outreach programs.  In addition, we will show examples of demonstrations that we have chosen for their topic versatility and the variety of settings or themes in which we have used them.

Presented By

  • Dale Stille (University of Iowa)


  • Dale Stille (University of Iowa)
  • Vincent G Rodgers (Univ of Iowa)