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Kavli Foundation Special Symposium

Minneapolis Convention Center

Physics Far from Equilibrium

This session covers awe-inspiring phenomena spanning from quantum computers and simulators to emergent dynamics in dense crowds, from the laws governing fluctuations, order, and self-organization in systems to pulsars and how they can constrain black hole mergers to how making chocolate can be a wonderful way to understand the basic principles of physics.

The symposium brings together incredible and diverse speakers:

  • Mikhail D Lukin, "Far from equilibrium dynamics and quantum computing frontier"
  • Denis Bartolo, “The physics of waiting: emergent collective oscillations in ultra-dense crowds”
  • Nikta Fakhri, “Broken symmetries in living matter”
  • Chiara Mingarelli, "Pulsar Timing Arrays: The Next Window on the Gravitational-Wave Universe"
  • David A Weitz and Pia M. Sörensen, “A Taste of Chocolate: Have your non-equilibrium physics and eat it too!”

Session chair: Paul Chaikin

This special session is sponsored by the Kavli Foundation which supports the advancement of science and the increase of public understanding and support for scientists and their work.

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